Car & Driver 1995 Longest Day

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I enjoyed John Phillips’ December issue “Top 10 Fouls” brief mention of the C&D 1995 Longest Day campaign. Allow me to assist in filling in the details. First, that Ford was the most gorgeously prepped Contour to ever grace a racing grid. It gleamed in comparison my Citation X-11 and the other Disco Era refugees fielded by us commoners.


Phillips discussed the busted windshield, but he leaves out the far bigger problems they experienced. The C&D Contour suffered from axle and hub failures and it’s race ended Sunday morning perched upside down on the main straight tire wall. I have never seen a new race car so comprehensively wrecked and ready for the crusher after a 24 hour race as this. Also, it also must have been interesting watching the C&D transporter getting parts on Monday so they could reassemble and return their rental Contour to the airport.

Thanks for bringing back the memories! And yes, our Chevy Citation X11 finished and was awarded third in class. I attach a picture of the C&D Contour I took before the demolition began when it was still shiny and had all of its wheels attached. 

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