So we didn't take the number one spot, but still some seriously surprising results. Numbers after the jump.


Viper T/A that close to the Nismo GTR? With RWD and a manual no less?! Also faster than the F12.

Z/28 faster than a Turbo S?! Once again with only RWD and a manual.

C7 Vette faster than the R8 V10+ and the Jag XKR-S GT, cars with 100hp more.

Speaking of 100hp more, the XFR-S only barely beats the CTS V Sport. Cant wait until the all out V version of that car.

Not to mention all of these cars are, by a large amount, cheaper then their competitors. Source: Drive video(not plus). Feeling patriotic is a good way to end the night.


Thanks again denver for the burnout gif.

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