Do you ever feel, or have people try to make you feel guilty for being a car enthusiast?

I'm sure as fellow enthusiasts you take the occasional drive on a back road for no other reason than to take a nice ride. I always get a look of bemusement when I tell people this.


person: Man it is a nice day. I think I'll go to the park.

me: Yeah, it is. I'm going to go for a drive.

person: Why? That sounds like a waste of gas.

me: Because I find enjoyment in driving on the empty, windy back roads. It's only a waste if you're not enjoying it.

person: But what about the environment?

me: You son of a bitch.

person: Ha, got you. You don't care about the environment.

me: I love the Earth. I go to parks too, I go to state game lands(off season of course) and state preserves more often since there is less people, and it's not manufactured to be visually appealing, I just get there differently. Plus you were more concerned about spending the money on gas at first. Ass.


If you're a nature lover, how do you deal with knowing that what you love so much is hurting it?