Car guys spending a day driving fun roads, part 1

Today we spent a day with fellow Abarth owner Chris, up in the fantastic roads in western Connecticut/Upstate NY, with his fantastically Rosso Abarth. It was, well, a fantastic day.

The day started off with us driving up from Long Island to Connecticut. Driving early in the morning in New York is the greatest joy of a New York motorist, as roads normally jam packed with Camrys are now empty and full of throttle blipping opportunities. Of course, this being New York, you do have to keep an eye out for pot holes, but I suppose it's better to do that than keeping an eye out for the Hummer H2 driver who can't see Fiat-sized cars.


What do you do with two Abarths though? Obviously you take over a (small) part of the parking lot, roll up for a photo shoot and then spend the next few minutes jamming on the throttle. Because that's why you buy an Abarth. The parking lots are alive... with the sound of turbo 4-cylinder growl!

And yes, the black Fiat has a matte paint job which transforms into a glossy paint job by the end of the day. The magic of Italian cars...

During brunch, we do what car guys do, comparing who's car had more power and mods obviously. Then, we discussed everything from how to avoid being crushed by semis to which piggy-back ECUs provide the best power. After brunch, we roll out for our first road: Joes Hill Road.


Glancing over from the passenger seat, I must admit I was disappointed when I didn't see a family of sexy Italian ladies. Chris'll have to do.

A fairly short hill climb, this road is extremely narrow and you must be careful of your car's width. Being a post-winter-post-apocalyptic-post-salted-post-SUV'ed road in New York, it was starting to resemble a rally stage in certain parts, but that only adds to the entertaining value of the road, even if you do have to wipe your Go Pros over and over again.


The elevation changes don't quite register as well on camera, but just let me warn you, make sure you have lots of rear grip! Or you may find yourself doing more j-turns than you expected.

Next time, we head to a road with a Laguna Seca Corkscrew-style corner...

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