Enter part 2 of fun driving roads! If you didn't read part 1, read it here

Okay, back with us? Great.

The road from last time, Joes Hill Road, was a fairly fun, but narrow hill climb. The tarmac was quite damaged as well, to the point where it almost resembled a rally track. Frankly, if you headed there in anything wider than a Fiat 500, you'd probably end up bumping into a Buick LaCrosse, and frankly, you just don't want to do that.

So, we headed out to find some roads more suitable to normal-sized cars, and we sure did find quite a gem... North Mountain Road in Connecticut:

This road is fairly average throughout, except for one corner close to the end/beginning(depending on which side you start from). It has a steep elevation change, and at the same time is an extremely tight corner, and thus resembles a mini-Corkscrew (you know, that famous corner at Laguna Seca that Jennifer from Top Gear couldn't get the NSX around quickly). Be careful if this is the first time you are driving this corner, as it comes up on you by surprise and is both tighter and steeper than you expect.


Not only does North Mountain Road have a fantastic corner, it also has extremely smooth asphalt. This is quite a big deal, as the northeast has only recently come out of a winter of severe cold, snow, potholes, and general misery. Frankly, the smoothness of this road was quite a relief after a day of driving around, as Abarths don't exactly have gentle suspensions.

However, a day of driving means that the matte paint job had become, well, even more matte:


Now we look like rally drivers!

Fortunately, Chris directed us to a fantastic brushless car wash, where we emerged looking fresh:


Here's a couple more shots:


Ah, fantastic pictures means lots of showing off. It had been an exciting day, meeting up with another Abarth and driving fun roads. You know, people might think it strange, that we would drive around for seemingly no reason. We had no destination, only a journey to experience. It's what car enthusiasts are all about, hooning about, having fun, burning gasoline, heating up our planet. In the end, our drive did have reason, and did have purpose. We were scouting great driving roads, and we certainly were quite successful. We weren't driving around to commute, we were enjoying our cars, enjoying the road, and when you put the two together, you get car nirvana. Thanks for reading and hoon on, Oppoverse!