Car ID? Nope, this time it's an airplane ID.

I posted this picture earlier today as my Good Morning, Oppo post. A couple of you ID’d the car, which is good, since I didn’t know what it was (it’s Lamborghini Espada). But then AuthiCooper asked about the plane. And that led to some Internet sleuthing because apparently I’ve got more time to waste today.

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It’s hard to make out, but the name of the 747 is just above the rear window of the Espada. Back in the 1970s, Qantas had an entirely 747-200 fleet (747-238B, to be precise). Each one was named after an Australian city. The first one, registered VH-EBA, was named City of Canberra. Near as I can tell, this one is VH-EBG, City of Hobart. It entered service with Qantas in 1974. I think I read somewhere that the Lambo is a 1972, so that just about jibes. If anybody else can figure out the name of the airplane definitively, I’d love to hear from you.

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