Ok, an opportunity has arisen and I’m trying to weigh out all the options.

So here’s my question, is there a place I could quickly determine which car would cost more on insurance? Or do you guys have a decent idea without having to pester my insurance agent just yet?


2 cars in question:

Current car: 2012 C250 Coupe with 26,500 miles

Prospect vehicle: (New) 2015 Chevy Camaro RS Coupe V6 with no miles

Yes we all know this is strange talking about getting a muscle car with a V6 and trading out of a Mercedes for a Chevy, but warranty is almost up on the C250 and this would be the same payment or cheaper on a brand new car with a brand new warranty included. Also, I’ve been learning more about the history of the C250 that I’m not exactly a fan of (i.e. There was a crappy repaint done that just started showing as bad) So I’m just trying to learn as much as I can to make an informed decision. Besides same or lower payment on new car with full warranty is hard to ignore without at least weighing the options.


Thanks in advance guys!

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