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Car Leaks, And Why I Hate Them

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I honestly don't understand why every single new car has to be leaked before it is revealed. How much money does it take to bribe pictures out of somebody? Do car companies plan it out and do it on purpose? (I'm sure a few do, but not all) It's a big risk- if you get caught, you will likely lose your job and have a hard time getting another one.


I didn't ask to see the new Mustang, or Corvette, or Viper or anything. Seeing a car covered in camo ruins the surprise for me, and takes away all the excitement. There is no wow factor in seeing a car in camo, then with slightly less camo, and even less camo, for 3 months. I don't need an automotive strip tease whenever a new car is on the way. I'm tired of leaks, peeks, headlight reveals, greenhouse silhouettes, everything. When the car is finished, show me everything, tell me what engines it has, how much it will cost and when I can buy one.

Automakers try to build excitement by releasing little glimpses of new cars. I don't know how the new Mustang got out, but that car doesn't need any help with the hype machine- it's a new Mustang, for Gods sake. It's the first with IRS, and the 50th anniversary of the car. It doesn't need any help getting people excited for it. The same goes for every other car I want to read about. Nobody interested in a new crossover is going to be scouring Jalopnik waiting for teaser shots of a particular car- they will be reading CR or Edmunds reviews of existing cars (I'm looking at you, Explorer).


That is all.

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