Car Lego!

Hi all!

Thought I would start the morning off with a discussion on ‘car Lego’, haha! As in, if there are parts from any other trims/models of your car, or any other cars from your car’s manufacturer that would swap out and bolt directly into your car, which of those parts would you want to swap in? :)

To make things interesting, I am banning engine/transmission swaps....because those are the obvious thing. Instead, are there body panels/kits? Wings/spoilers? Interior trim? Features (like a rear wiper, say, that was available but your car doesn’t have)? Different headlights or taillights? Etc!

So, what ‘car Lego’ parts would you swap onto your car if you had the chance? :)

I’ll start!

For me? There are a few things I wouldn’t mind swapping into Humdrum, my ‘09 Accent. One would be the rear seatbacks. For some reason, on the 2006 model year cars of the MC gen Accent hatchback, the 60/40 folding seat featured a flip-down armrest with cupholders in the center, but the 2007-2011 hatch had that feature removed! I guess for cost savings? Would be nice to swap the older seatbacks in to get that feature for when I have passengers in the back! (Can’t find any pictures because as this was a feature that was only out there for one year, it’s hard to find images of it!)


Another thing I wouldn’t mind for fun would be a gauge cluster swap. I have this cluster in my car...lime green backlighting, tach, speedo and fuel gauge:

Illustration for article titled Car Lego!

I would love to do a swap to one of the higher trim clusters that has a coolant temperature gauge. The cool thing is I could get it either from another Accent or a Kia Rio as the clusters are the same, it’s just the gauge face designs that are different, so as long as I got a ‘manual trans.’ and ‘kph, not mph’ cluster, it would be plug and play and work instantly! A downside is that the odometer is stored PER CLUSTER, so I would have to find a cluster with as close a mileage to my current car’s mileage as possible. Here’s the temperature gauge version:

I think the cluster I like the most, though, is the cluster from the final model years of 2006-2011 Kia Rio....the backlighting wouldn’t match any of the rest of the backlighting in my dash (white/red vs. lime green), but I love the gauge face design with that neat deep red and silver accenting! Sadly this cluster design was never available with the temperature gauge, but the style makes up for it in my eyes! :)
I wouldn’t care if the backlighting didn’t’s my car, so I just like the ability to customize it to what I like. :) The stereo in bro’s car died and we replaced it from a later 2010 Accent stereo....except that bro’s car is a 2009 and 2010 cars were when Hyundai swapped to it’s blue backlighting, so all his backlighting is lime green with blue only on the stereo....keeps things interesting! :P One nice thing about a cluster swap too is that these cars are really easy to work on....removing a cluster is like...6 screws and a plug, that’s it!

So Oppo, what ‘Lego’ parts would you swap into your car? :)

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