I have some questions:


1. Is this car list good?

1st Car- 1984 Porsche 944 NA

2nd Car- 1993 Mazda RX-7

Any problems with the cars on the list?


2a. Is the 944 a good car?

2b. Is it just the ECU and timing belt that is a problem?

2c. Is it cheap?

2d. Is it enjoyable, or frustrating?

2e. Is it a good idea to get a 944 for under $3k? I got a good deal on one, and the only reason it’s so cheap it because the paint is absolute shit. Total shit. Like, murky black. Like, this level of shit, but even worse.

So yea, gonna replace the paint


Thanks for helping me out. I am thinking of getting a 944 NA as a first car, and an RX-7 as a second as you can tell, but is it a good decision?