Sigh, given the wave of "start ups" putting out an app for every imaginable use of a phone out there, here we go with car sales -

From the article:

To list a vehicle you need an account and once created, all you need to do is input the VIN and answer a few questions about the car pertaining to its make and model. The service will generate titles and descriptions for you, making sure that you don't have to type anything. If you don't like a paragraph it generates, you can hit a button to have it generate a new one. You can add up to eight images and a video by hitting a button and every vehicle on Car Lister will have an accident report.

So now, instead of some random idiot calling his corolla a V4, we'll have an algorithm spitting out standardized bullshit instead. Why does EVERYTHING need to be done in less than a minute these days? You're selling your car (and from the other end, BUYING) that cost many thousands of you really want to use a system whose goal is to make it as quick and dirty as possible? They could make a platform GOOD without having to dumb it down to the lowest level possible, couldn't they?