Let me get this straight: some asshole from Texas is going to take a little British performance car, change out the engine/a couple other parts, and then CLAIM its some kind of awesome AMERICAN car now? Carroll Shelby, you should be ashamed of yourself.

So there’s a guy named Shelby out there that is starting to take AC Cars, made in England, that already have WONDERFUL six cylinder engines and are a real delight to drive, slapping in a slightly modified Ford V8/different brakes and steering box, and calling it an “AC SHELBY Cobra”. Let’s take a look at why this car isn’t worthy of being called an “American Sportscar”, shall we?

First, the body was made in ENGLAND. This Carroll guy didn’t make the body himself!! He literally ORDERED IT FROM AC CARS AND THEY SHIPPED IT TO HIM!! Changing out the drivetrain, brakes, and steering system doesn’t change the fact that a person living right now, in 1963, has to title the car as an AC. If the government thinks it’s an AC Car, it’s a damned AC Car. This isn’t an American car by production or spirit.


Secondly, why would anyone buy this death trap? It goes fast, but I could go out right now and buy a MUCH MORE REFINED Chevrolet Corvette and get it to 60 in 5.8 seconds. This is a REAL production car from a REAL auto maker. Shelby is NOT an automaker; he’s a former racer who’s only claims to fame is that he won the 24 Hours of LeMans ONCE and some hilltop race ONCE. That’s it. This doesn’t make you an automaker.

Third... You know, I’m probably not supposed to leak this information, but I will anyways. I have some reliable sources that tell me Shelby is about to throw a ridiculous engine into this little BRITISH car. It’s a 427 c.i. Ford V8, to be precise (if you prefer the metric system, the engine has 7.0 Liters of displacement, whatever “liters” are). But, again, it’s a FORD engine, stuffed into a BRITISH car. Who needs this kind of power?! There are some European manufacturers out there with much better engines (and, again, more refinement in the cars they put them into) that they built themselves. If Mr. Shelby has any dignity, he’ll build the engine and body himself instead of messing up this already wonderful example of British automotive excellence.


We American auto enthusiasts are smarter than Carroll Shelby thinks we are. Americans will NOT like this car. It’s getting a lot of buzz right now, but that will soon die off when the current buyers realize that this “Cobra” is nothing more than a souped up British car. If you want this car, go buy the original AC without the markup that Shelby is adding to it. You’ll thank me later; demand for this car on the secondary market will be horrible.

I just pray that no one uses this horrendous formula (British Car + Changed Internals + Big American Engine) again.