So I took my car in to a Valvoline for an oil change. At the end of the change the guy handling the paperwork says my auto trans fluid is high and something about it that might possibly be from it breaking down. I looked for myself and it is indeed high.

Normally I could just drain some fluid until the level is correct, but that sounded funny to me so I googled it and I cannot find much of anything with regards to auto trans fluid breaking down and increasing fluid level. Is this a thing? Should I just have my fluid replaced? The trans only has 28,000 miles on it (so the fluid shouldn’t have been messed with at all) and Acura recommends a trans fluid replacement every 90,000 miles so I can’t imagine why my fluid would be breaking down.

I did read that too much AT fluid can start to bubble and become frothy, reducing its cooling and lubricating effectiveness and that is a valid concern, but the fluid on the dipstick only went up to about here:


I’m making a bit of a big deal about this because of the history associated with this 2001 Honda automatic transmission.

The link says it’s related to the torque converter but in actuality many of the problems relate to quality issues with the clutch packs in the transmission, especially 3rd gear, which likes to wear down, get hot, and fail, spreading metal chunks throughout the whole trans.

So, should I replace the fluid because it’s high or just drain a little until the level is correct?

Edit: Added link

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