UX (or User Experience) is how we interact with, well basically anything. Recent "advances" in computers and touch screens in cars have just made things worse. Too many options and functions to look through, extra visual crap cluttering up the screen (see above: why do I need a picture of my car on the screen?), and very, very bad layout/design make your first-gen Android phone look like a design wonder.

Car makers are way behind in UX/UI design for their infotainment systems and seemingly design-focused companies like Telsa are not immune (Have you tried their interface? It reminds me of Windows 98 with a fancy skin). Time to put some effort in, gang.

Designer Geoff Teehan has a great article on the topic. Mostly shaming the high-end manufacturers for their horrible systems ("I paid $845K for this Porsche 918 and got this?").

A few standouts from the post: You get the same design in a Ferrari California as you do in a Chrysler Town & Country, and Audi got something right with the temp knobs on the TT vents. Plus (Ferrari again), is even screwing up the setup when they hand it over to Apple. I think it's a great read and makes me want to hack the old Android-based unit in my M5 and make something... actually good.