...is that magical place where:

  • The only fluid you ever need to drain is engine oil, there is no such thing as coolant and transmission fluid when replacing water pumps and, er, transmissions
  • Putting the drain canister under the oil drain plug is the hardest thing ever, and kitty litter is $100 a pop
  • There is no such thing as rusty, stuck bolts, you always have every single tool to install or de-install every single thing
  • Customers don’t bitch and whine, and will gladly pay you $200 for doing an oil change
  • Everyone drives a manual, the automatic transmission does not exist
  • Brakes and suspension components only rust and wear out on one corner of a car, and sometimes a piece that isn’t even exposed is the only thing at fault
  • You can pinpoint with percentage accuracy, which and how worn a suspension component is, just by taking a test drive
  • All manufacturers use generic parts that is fully interchangeable across models

Nonetheless I still love the game, bought it for cheap after playing the demo.

Kinja’d: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/car-mechanic-simulator-2015-gold-edition