So, aside from going to the Chicago Auto Show tomorrow, I have a weekend project with Tucker.

I have to admit something, I think I really goofed up this time.

Anyway, you may remember that I put an extra quart (maybe quart and a half) into Tucker which immediately after caused some misfiring and reduced power issues.

I solved the issue by with getting more petrol of the correct octane...or did I?


You see, I haven’t been driving Tucker pretty much at all since that above thread, so outside of the two drives I used to give Tucker a clean bill of health, he hasn’t really driven enough miles for me to confidently say he was fixed.

Over the past week, he has been misfiring quite a bit...and when he wasn’t misfiring, he had about as much power as a moped.


This made me reevaluate the situation. Why would the car operate worse after I put more oil in? Oh...

While I may have said that the dipstick is woefully unreliable, it’s never wronged me before, so honestly I probably shouldn’t have second guessed it.


Looking at the dipstick, there’s so much oil on it I can’t even tell where the full line even was.

If true, this means Tucker is driving 1.5 qts over capacity on oil. *Sigh* While this car probably can’t be killed, I’m certainly not doing it any favours. This is why I probably shouldn’t be trusted with machinery. :(


So this weekend I’m going to do a bit of a tear down and figure out what I did wrong. The car was working 100% fine for 5,000 miles after the original event. It’s only started these shenanigans after I started further tweaking it. Assuming I don’t figure out how to fully kill the car, I’m replacing that oil pan this weekend too.