Car parts buying spree!.....for repairs

Took my trusty ‘02 Prius daily in for oil change and maintenance and found more than a few issues with my car. It appears my oil pan has a small crack and is leaking most likely due to a pothole I hit recently. Also 2 of my tires have a nail in them and slowly leaking air. My front brake pads are down to 4mm and I have a check engine light on that shows an error code P0420 indicating something with the catalytic converter or the oxygen sensors near it. My tire thread is pretty low so replacing them is probably needed anyways and I feel pretty confident changing the brake pads and oil pan myself. The check engine code though is more of an issue since it’s not for sure if it’s an issue with an oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter. It’s definitely the one i’m worried about most since it could be pricey depending on what it might be and it’s not something me and my wrench buddies are exactly ready to tackle. Hope to know more after diagnostics are run. Here’s a Prius rally car for you

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