August 10 marks ten months since I bought my 2016 Mazda6. My payment on my 72 month loan (yeah, yeah, I know) is $296.79. Right now, I pay an extra $3.21 to make it $300.00 even. My interest rate is 2.99%.

My principal balance on the car right now is $17,479.54. Multiplying that by my interest rate makes $18,002.18. Divide that by $300.00, and 60 months from now, I’ll have it paid off.

If I bump my monthly up to $400.00, that 60 month number changes to 45. Wow!

I think I’ll start paying $400.00. I originally planned on making double payments but that hasn’t worked out.

This was definitely a learning experience for me. Remember that before you comment smart ass stuff, please. I did get the car for $100.00 over invoice, got $5,500.00 for my trade-in, and put $1,000.00 down.

At least I love the car, and I’m not upside down on it. It’s got around 9,700 miles on it now, so (even with my trip to Florida and back at the end of May), I’m averaging less than 1,000 miles per month.


And, aside from the 6 and our home, my wife and I are debt free. No credit card debt or personal loan debt and our CX-5 is paid off as well. It was paid off in 2013, actually.

We could definitely be doing worse.