My dad and I started going through slides he scanned before his film scanner died. There were a couple car-related ones in there, I thought you all might be interested. Once we get another film scanner, there’ll be some more. These are all taken outside Prince George, or near Fort St. James.

My dad did have a Beetle, but this isn’t it. This belonged to another guy who worked for the BCR, and was only a year or two old at the time I think.
Another of the BCR guys, they generally drove pretty fast in the middle of the bush, sometimes too fast apparently
Not a car, but it does have an engine and wheels. Another BCR guy, not my dad.
My dad’s Corolla
The ‘76 LandCruiser that replaced the Corolla. This was taken a couple days after he bought it, he drove it up to Murray Ridge to see how good off road it was. It got big mud tires not long after this.

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