I’ve decided most car valuation engines are kind of rubbish and they don’t allow any insights into the real data. I’m thinking of creating my own vehicle-price tools to give some better insights into:

- Moving price trends in both wholesale (real sales price) and retail (asking price) markets

- Easy to follow condition guidelines (panels repainted, lease, rental, etc)

- Detailed VIN-decoded exploded options lists (so rental BMW’s are not compared to competition M sport packs)

- Actual detailed lists of entire transactions listings (so you can see the data that drove the price predictions)

I’ve used Vauto for retail markets, but no one does similar exploded comparisons for other markets. Furthermore, Vauto has huge gaps when it comes to comparing options amongst other retail cars. Carmax has their own internal tools based on speed of sale and options “adders”, but its not accessible to the public.


What would oppo-nauts like to see? Anyone have other cool ideas I can later pass off as my own?