I’ve done a pretty good job documenting the work I have to do to my cars in the next couple of months. The Alfa needs a new front end, the Land Rover needs new head gaskets, and the Saab needs to find 5th gear. What about the projects I want to do?

(All pictures shamelessly stolen from the internets)

Plastidip the Alfa

Given that the rust repair has left the (already cheap) paint in a bit of a state and I don’t feel like going through the heartache of a respray, I want to plastidip the Alfa.

Of the things on this list, this one is the most likely to happen as I picked up three gallons of the stuff during their “cyber monday” sale. Also I platidipped my Dune Buggy and it came out OK.

Jasper Green Plastidip, which is what I bought for the Alfa


Will I do it? Maybe. I suspect the Alfa club will try and talk me out of it by enticing me with help and a spray booth to do it right...

Roof rack for the Saab

Yeah, I want a wooden roof rack for the Saab and I want to build it myself.

Yes, I know roof racks are a bit overdone but, as a counterpoint, they’re cool. Especially on small cars.


Will I do it? Probably not. The brackets are $70 for a set and I’m not known for follow-through on project like that. That said, if I end up taking it to the October Lemon Rally, this may change.


Luggage rack for the Alfa

See above. But I mean look at that trunk. For one, it is majorly bigly and for two the actual interior of the trunk is mostly useless. It is so shallow I struggle to get groceries in it. The problem being a luggage rack would require drilling into the sheet-metal, which I am against in general, and make a already limp trunk spring give up entirely.


Like this... but good.

Will I do it? Extremely unlikely. I think they look cool, but unless the car had one when I bought it (which obviously it did not) I’m not inclined to mess with it.


Center diff lock for the Landy

This is the second most likely thing to happen. I don’t need diff-locks, but I want them. First step would be to confirm my center diff does, indeed, have the hardware and just lacks the linkage. Based on my date of manufacture, this is almost a given, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. After that I would need to research and source the hardware. Despite many calls to man up and “just get ____ and do it that way” (where the blank could be any number of the various ways to do this cheaply) I will probably splurge for the Ashcroft kit at $400.


Will I do it? Yes? I have some money earmarked for it so I guess I just need to drink another bottle of soju and go for it...


Go-faster stripes on the Volvo

Like this but... less.


Hey! The Volvo gets a nod! After my “defeat” at the Volvo car show, I had a bit of a car-midlife crisis and decided I was going to put yellow or black racing stripes on my Swedish Racing Green Volvo. Why not? It is a cute car, but despite the both color and little trunk spoiler, is still a pretty sedate overall (which is fine).

Will I do it? Uh probably not. I like racing stripes but I don’t think i can put one on my car. I’d be cool doing it for like... a couple weekends but the ROI on that is pretty low...