It is with great sadness that I admit I might possibly consider replacing the Escort in the not-so-distant future. It’s a fun little car, but it’s just not the best. The transmission is slowly failing, the head gasket is slowly failing, the AC is slowly failing, the speakers are slowly failing, and the resale value is only $1500 on an extremely good day; around $1000-1200 normally. I would love to try to sell it to my girlfriend or sister for $600 (what I paid my grandpa for it) to keep it close, so hopefully that works out.

But anyway, what should I buy to replace it? I’m starting a new full-time jobon Monday with an annual pay of around $27,000. Not the greatest, but more than enough for something nice. My main desire right now is a Suzuki Kizashi - a sexy, sporty, AWD sedan that can be had for under $10k, or around $12-14k for a low-mileage example that might even still have its original warranty.

The problem is I don’t know tons about this car, other than that it flew under the radar as an affordable sports sedan and didn’t sell that well. But it’s so sexy in red.....

I’d also consider an NB Miata, but that’s mainly because I miss having a convertible; Ideally, I want something that can hypothetically last me long enough to carry my future kids, which will probably be coming no sooner than 7 or 8 years from now. That’s another possible downside to the Miata.


However, I do love the idea of a different convertible. One with back seats, even if they’re tiny.

So yeah. What other cars, in the $5,000-$15,000 range, are comparable to the Kizashi and/or a fun convertible? I’m not looking to buy it very soon (I’m only just starting to build credit anyway) so I’m just looking for ideas.