Hey guys! So I recently got in to screen printing after years of never making that cool shirt idea. You know the one, that shirt idea you and your buddies came up with while hanging out. That other one too from that one time. You know the one that would have been the best shirt EVER only to never get made because it would cost like $30 bucks and fuck that.

Well any ways I can safely say I think I have a good handle on this screen printing thing. I’ve only made two so far but I progressed a lot I think! I still only have the basic set up but I’m learning fast enough I think I might spring for a cheap multi screen rig so i can get into layering a bit easier. I also need to figure out this whole halftone thing so I can do photo like prints. But I’m getting there. I mean check out my progress so far!

This was my first shirt. very basic single color using a single screen. it was for when I saw twiddle playing at the haunt in Ithaca a few months back. TWITHACA!!
Back of the shirt I made for Phish at the LakeView in Syracuse on Sunday. as you can see I’ve stepped it up a bunch!
front of the same shirt for Phish


Not bad right! I mean for silly concert T’s for my self and friends. The Phish one was actually a bit too legit as it may have looked exactly like vendor shirts from the front, which I may or may not have used to gain access to VIP seats. Yeah ok I totally did that! But who wouldn’t!

Any ways I want to make some car based Shirts but my problem is i have a utter and total lack of artistic ability.I’m able to make the shirts no problem but actually being artistic beyond using clip art and other peoples images just isn’t my thing. So I was thinking I’d ask you guys what ya got.


So yeah any one here have any cool designs they think would make a cool shirt? I was thinking we could do a little contest, show me what you got and if I like it I’ll make us each a shirt! and if any one else wants on I could do them for $8 buck plus shipping. what you all think?