I was drinking with a friend in a neighboring town, about 10 miles away. We (3 of us) had drank 24 beers, I believe they were Bud Light, a half gallon of Jose Cuervo. & they told me I drove to the store and got more beer (I don’t remember that part). I don’t remember anything between the Tequila and the tree. On our way home, I was told that I was driving down Route # or next to Route # in the gravel, at around 30 MPH (speed limit was 55). When my friend mentioned that my driving was sub-par, I took a right on the next road. A couple miles later I slammed into a tree, I remember everything from here on. Adrenaline is amazing. My friend and I (both hammered) ran into the woods. I remember taking off my white shirt and laying behind a log for 30 minutes, as the police spotlight swept the area. All in all I ended up with a $150 fine and that was it. They couldn’t prove I was drunk, & I wasn’t going to tell them.

It’s been over 15 years since this happened and I don’t drink & drive anymore.

Don’t drink & drive! It never leads to stories about how smart you once were.