Around 1988ish.

I was sitting on the living room floor playing with my Micro Machines. The phone rang, my mom picked up.

It was the local Porsche dealership. They asked for me by name, wondering if I was still interested in a new 911. My mom replied “He’s 8" and hung up the phone. Going right back to her book without even looking in my direction.


Apparently, She had already had this phone call from Mercedes and BMW. At this point she knew how to respond.

I had been calling the 1-800-#’s from the advertisements in Road & Track, and Motortrend. Asking for more information about cool cars sold by whoever I was calling. They would forward my information to my closest dealership. Then that dealership would send me pamphlets about cool cars (not knowing I was 8).

I would then cut out the best pictures and hang them on my bedroom wall. This led to many tiny pictures, and crap loads of thumb tacks. Before my parents sold that house, they wallpapered my bedroom to cover the millions of tiny holes.

Wiesmann MF4 Roadster for your time

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