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Car Rental Oppovice

Usually, when I travel, I do my car rental shopping on Turo. Easy to work with, decent selection of vehicles (location dependent), don’t have to deal with shady rental fleets and their hidden fees.

This trip won’t work with Turo this time. We are flying into Dallas to meet a friend, then commuting to boofoo Louisiana for a wedding, then finishing out trip in New Orleans to meet another friend and possibly attend a Saints football game (unlikely). So I’m looking for a place to rent in one location and drop the car off in another.


Something fun to drive, could be a convertible, nothing like an SUV or plain Jane sedan. It’s only the two of us and our bags, so we can go as small as a 2-seater if available.

The obvious results when I look around yield your basic selections: “Ford Mustang or similar”, “Dodge Charger or similar”. So if that’s all that is out there for the criteria, so be it. Reaching out if anyone else here has better insight in regards to this.


Gif for your time


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