Car Rental Reserved

Ended up not going with Turo for our car rental. All the fun options ended up at about 45 or more dollars a day before taxes. The really fin ones like a WRX were almost 70 a day! Got a reservation through Priceline at Sixt “Mercedes C-class or similar”. One thing I like about Sixt is they actually list what “or similar” means. Like their Standard category is “Malibu or similar” but their website shows that the options includes Toyota Camry, Chrysler 300c, and Buick Regal. In my case it’s C-class a CTS or ATS. I was VERY tempted to go one level to the E-class, S90, or V90! However I was already spending about 70 bucks more than the “Camry or similar” my wife wanted. Of coarse I reminded my wife that we saved that by not going out to eat last night.

I ended up paying 163.00 for 5 days with taxes and everything. Not bad. And I’m actually excited about driving either the Benz or the Cadis. Also did you know they still make a CTS? I thought that names died out years ago.

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