Last week I posted about my car needing some work. I took it in last Wednesday for: Inspection, secondary air injector replacement, tire pressure monitor sensor replace, sway bar replace and an issue with my vents/blower where the vent actuators make a clicky sound and the blower motor sounds like it’s under load.

They had the car till friday when they told me to pick it up. The car had not been inspected and the vents had not been worked on. Ugh.. but they were nice about, gave me a temp inspection and told me to bring it back tuesday this week to repair the vents and finish the inspection. they told me they will cover the labor on the repair. So first thing yesterday I dropped the car off, they called and told me it was ready for pick up after work.

So 4:30 comes and I go pick up my car. Well Guess what, they didn’t fix the issue with the vents!!! like WTF? So here we are day 5 they have my car to fix the vents.. Here’s to hoping it gets done! I also requested a free oil change on top of the free labor because this is insane!!!