I am a member of our neighborhood email group, and this story popped up today as part of a chain about recommendations for a local auto repair place.

Because I had read about good experiences people had at [redacted] on our google group and since our present auto repair had new owners, I convinced my husband to give them a try. Our experience was not so good.

We took the car in for a tuneup and an oil leak repair. They replaced a valve cover gasket. Cost was 533.08. Next my husband got a call from them regarding replacing the crank shaft seal that was leaking as well. That repair lead to a replacement of the timing belt (we had the timing belt replaced at the time it was due initially, but we did not remember and told them to go ahead). Cost for those was 919.76. They then reported a hole in the radiator and said they would need to replace the radiator (the car is garage kept and we had never seen any sign of a water leak) but allowed them to replace that. Cost was 441.19. Total bill including the tuneup was 2666.46.

The oil leak continued and we took it in multiple times for that repair. After the second time, the car stalled and had to be towed They agreed that the problem was one that they caused during the repair attempts. We were not charged for the repair, but did have to pay for the towing. At a cost of 85.00.

Leak continued. We had it in for a total of four times. On the final (we hope) repair they determined that the leak was actually due to a defective oil pump. That repair was quoted as an additional 1300.00 plus. My husband was able to get them to agree to discount 50 percent of the labor, but the charge was an additional 969.93.

We are hoping we will not be taking it in again and certainly will be going elsewhere in the future.

Near as I can figure, the grand total came to $3721.39 for what started as a tune up and an oil leak. I suppose it’s entirely possible that their car was simply a piece of crap (they don’t say what kind of car it is), but the mission creep on this repair is insane. And, if the oil pump was bad after all that, how the hell didn’t they see that in the first place?