In an exhaustive search for a 6 adult person trip to San Diego, I have finally settled on and booked a vehicle. The intial thought was to just reserve a minivan from Enterprise or whatever but due to luggage concerns and wanting something a little nicer for the money, I turned to Turo. More importantly, I could choose the exact model that I wanted to make sure we had enough space for everyone and everything. Girlfriend’s parents are going to be out here for 3 weeks (1 week ocean cruise, 1 week san diego with us, and then around town another week) so they are going to be packing gigantic bags full of everything they own. So our luggage requirements would be 2-3 FULL size suitcases, 3-4 carryon size bags, and probably a few backpacks and other stuff. This led me to just look for whatever vehicle would have maximum storage space. The key part to this search (that most automotive comparison websites ignore) is maximum space WITH ALL THREE ROWS IN USE by real people with legs and torsos. Plus a nice to have would be some level of extra comfort and some sort of fun factor since I’d be doing all of the driving.

Here were some of the vehicles I was actively looking for:

GMC Yukon XL; preferably a Denali trim but I couldnt find one on Turo so the regular XL would work
Lincoln Navigator L. Specifically the Longwheelbase version since there would be enough space inside


Then I was looking as well at the brand engineered cousins like the Suburban and Expedition since they are basically the same car anyways, but just hadn’t found any to consider. Model year for the Lincoln was not all too relevant since it hadnt really been updated in a while until last year. And the newest ones like that were just too expensive/too far away to pick up. I was also still considering Honda Odesseys and Toyota Siennas but they had a bit less cubic feet of space for stuff in the back. Access to the third row would have been nicer in the vans and gas mileage significantly higher but storage space was just enough to sell me on the trucks. Plus, why wouldnt I want a V8?

Girlfriend’s mom did approve tying her bags to the roof though if the bag is too large to fit so at least that won’t be a point of contention if the suitcases are larger than the trunk opening lol. This particular one I picked has a low mileage restriction (400 miles) and by my math, including driving around a bunch in town should end up around 500 by the time I return it. At $0.45 per mile beyond 400, this is still a very affordable option and my estimate is conservative anyways so it should end up cheaper.

Only catch will be if Turo ends up being a sham like it is from time to time and I end up with a cancelled reservation day of. Only happened to me twice so far so what’s the worst that can happen...


Also, this airbnb that my girlfriend has picked out and reserved for this trip as well is stunning, looking forward to such a legit house!


Might not be pool weather in February but if the sun’s out it will be a nice spot to relax.