I wanna ask all of you from oppo what would you do if you owned a 1989 Toyota Crown with a straight six carbureted 2.8L 5M engine that needs some TLC to get her going, as well as a new water pump,carb,filters all around, radiator and much more.

My question is : Would you restore the original engine with all 170 hp that it makes or shove a great big 1UZ V8 with straight pipes?

Keep in mind that in order to use the V8 i will need to ....let’s say write with a sharpie on it my chassis number because in Romania the law prohibits these sort of things but since it’s the only car of this model registered here....nobody will know. Oh and if i do it legally i will need to pay roughly 2000 $ just in taxes a year plus 1500$ to make it legal in the papers.

The V8 has parts that i can find here , while the original....has some..but they are very expensive and can take up to a month to deliver.

Or buy any other car like a R34 GTT, Supra, Impreza stuff no bigger than 3.0L

What would oppo do?

Thank you for reading !


This is the car in question ( potato quality i know)