I've thought this over with all the traditional options and now pass the quiz on to you. Someone I know just got a car, but won't tell me what it is until I can see it in person. So here's all the information I have on it, and maybe you can help:

It's black
It's not Japanese
It's not a Mustang
It sounds "cool" in a good way, but I'm not sure exactly what that means
It has over 290 horsepower (and possibly over 300, although I'm not sure)
It's a 5-speed manual
It's a 2000
It has 76,000 miles and has been owned and driven only in nice weather in summer by a man who just bought a new Shelby Mustang and restored some 1970s American car

Let's assume it's under 15k. What say you, Oppo? I was guessing it's a C5 Corvette, but I'm not sure - those were 6-speeds anyway, not fives, although that piece of information could be incorrect. Any guesses?