I should be receiving the funds that’ll let me buy a car later this week (or early next), so the car search is back on in earnest. But now that I’ll have the means, there’s no promising candidates on the local Craigslist!

An apparently extremely rare non-silver/white/black specimen
An apparently extremely rare non-silver/white/black specimen

At this point I’m mostly looking for early-aughts manual Volvo and MB wagons, because I want a vehicle that’s comfortable for very long driving days (8+ hours) on the long road trips I like to take a few times a year, and those are what everyone brings up when you start talking about comfort. Are there other contenders I should be considering? I’m willing to go up to $10k, though I’d prefer to stick closer to $6k.


Point of clarification: while I want something that’s comfortable for very long driving days (i.e. road trips), I don’t actually drive much. Maybe 2-3 times a week. So it won’t be getting many miles, and I don’t think I’ll regret my hard requirement of a manual transmission.

Secondly, where do y’all look for used cars? FB marketplace seems popular, but I deleted my FB account. Would it be worth it to create a fake one just to use marketplace? Should I resign myself to the hassle of buying a used car half a day’s drive away and start looking at Seattle CL?

Finally, another option I’m considering is buying a Fit and swapping out the seats for something more comfortable. However I know nothing about compatibility. Will pretty much any seat be able to fit in if I swap over some hardware, or are there size/other constraints I’d need to look out for? Is this even a good idea?

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