Yesterday, we test drove a 2016 Ford Flex Limited with eco-boost, a used one with 20k miles Asking price is $33500. I have a feeling that trading both cars in would still not bring the monthly payment down to what I’d like. But, I love the car - it is quick, it is quirky, I love the way it looks with the appearance package, and I’d love to have it, way more than the car below.

My local Dodge dealer has 20% discounts on MSRP for their 2016 Journeys with AWD and V6 - I could pick up a nicely loaded one for $24000, maybe even less. Heck, they even have a leftover Limited from 2015 - I’m sure they’d like to see that one gone. That Pentastar V6 seems like it has some oomph, 283HP. AWD would be great in Colorado, and I can remove the third row so that dogs have the space they need. It seems like it is optional anyway, so I am not sure if the car even has it.

Has anyone driven a V6 Journey? Is it soul sucking boring? I might be giving up a Forester XT and FIAT 500 Abarth Convertible for it - I know that no three row CUV will match the fun factor of those two, but I signed up for the dogs and I have to deal with the dogs.

Have you ever sold a car to a private person, but you still owed money on it and you didn’t have the title? Was it a hassle? My cars are financed through Chase so it might be simple to meet there and have the buyer pay of the balance of the loan, and have the title transferred to them right there and then. Is it as simple as I am imagining or is there more to it? In general, I always trade for convenience, but this time it might make more sense to sell privately so I can have a larger down payment.


I am doing all this to preempt the possible hit on our finances when my wife opens her own law firm - there probably won’t be any income from her for a while. Then again, there might be plenty, and I might not need to sell the Abarth, just trade the Forester for the Journey so I have room for the three dogs and 4 adults.


Little fart for your time, chillin’ on my wife’s pillow :)