Not another car search! Update

So my sister got to keep a Dart overnight. SXT, looks nice and all. She loves it, understandably, but I just do not think it is appropriate given the fact that she probably will not buy it after the lease, told me she wanted a 2 year lease and was offered a 3, and said she didn't want to spend much. Even at $200 a month, for three years at something like $3k down that's over $10k invested in a car. Makes no sense to me. I did something similar when I did my lease and I wouldn't do it again. There are plenty of leases she can do for less without even bringing in the used car market. I don't know too much but what are your thoughts on:

Kia Forte Sedan. My sister and mother hate KIA with a passion and while I am not overly fond of the company for no reason whatsoever I cannot deny that they have ridiculous offers to get people in their cars. And the exterior may be nice enough to distract my sister from hating on it too much.


Chevy Cruze. Pretty decent offers out there and I believe it to be a solid option.

VW Jetta. Yes, I know...attack of the beige. But hey, cheap lease is a cheap lease.


Now, when I say cheap lease I mean less than $200 a month. The Dart is hovering over it.


It is pretty though.

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