OK, I think enough of you scarred me of even looking at the Journey. If I can keep the dog/winter car price low enough, I can keep the Abarth.

So, I just realized that a used but still 2016 Ford Transit Connect, long wheel base models with the 2.4l i4 and FWD, and 15-20k miles on the clock can be had for $18000 or less. I could trade in the Forester XT, have plenty of room for 4 adults and 3 dogs, and still keep my Abarth!!

Oppo, any experience with Transit Connects? I can even have a Titanium level trim for $20-21k and 20k miles or so.

Hell, I found a 2013 with 33k miles for $13900 asking, but I like the 2016 look better.