They are huge. I have been doing some research on them and owners of Mazda3s that had kids and the by and large consensus seems to be that if you have a rear-facing car seat for an infant in the back seat, the seat in front of it has to be scooted so far up that it can’t hold a passenger comfortably anymore.

Huh. Never thought about my car being so small until now. That’s kind of annoying. But, I bought this car when I was 19 and kids weren’t a thought of mine. I refuse to be one of those people that upgrades to a stupid huge vehicle as an excuse to fit their kid. I see plenty of Suburbans and shit around here with like one car seat in them. Overkill, much?

I like driving a smaller car. Always have.

Not that I’m any closer to having a kid. Ok, maybe a little. But I have begun doing research at least. That’s something.


See how far up the passenger seat is there? Yikes.