Hey Oppo, looking for some ideas for a marketing project of mine. Essentially, I need to choose three different cars which have totally different target audiences. Looking to get creative here! Here is a (*Correction, thanks KnowsAboutCars) East-German Trabant 601 for your time.

The basic premise of the project is selecting three products, services, or businesses with totally different target audiences. I am choosing to do automobiles simply because I am a car guy! It is also a 30 page paper, so I better damn well be interested in it. The professor told us that cars are the number one topic chosen, so I am enlisting all you Opponauts and your vast knowledge of automobiles to help me choose some unique cars.

Do keep in mind I need to do a great amount of research about the marketing and statistics of each of these cars. A really basic example of three cars would be a Corolla, E-Class Mercedes, and a Lamborghini Aventador. Generally people shopping for one would never be shopping for the other.

Recent modern cars will be easier to research, especially since there is a section where I need to compare the websites between the three, but I am open to ideas.

Thanks for your help everyone!