Brothers and Sisters... as if when the time comes to sell a car isn't bad enough, you have to spend your last time with your car cleaning it, massaging it, prepping it and balancing the options of what is worth fixing and what isn't. Well, I've been having a joy driving my new-to-me '13 Forester (stick) while my old '01 Outback sits in the yard getting cleaned up bits at a time ready for its photo-op to then be listed looking for a new home. Well, after I cleaned the air filter and I ran the car for the first time in a week and it was breathing better. I figured I'd then get it rolling for the first time in about 3 weeks. Well.... it didn't go well.

See, for a couple of years I've been chasing a noise in the front end. It was subtle but bugging the hell out of me. Ended up changing the axles on each side (one at a time) and that didn't do it. Non-related jobs had me changing all front suspension bits (struts, springs, seats, boots, mounts, etc... complete new units) as well as the sway bar bushes and end links this winter. The noise has persisted so I've been suspicious of a wheel bearing (driver front in particular). I was intending to sell it just like it was clearly marked 'AS IS'. Thing is, after going for a few km drive tonight the noise is to the point where it sounds like something is going to fail and people were turning their heads as I went by. The car will not sell like that for what I think I should get for it.

I am a firm believer in making sure the car is in the best reasonable condition when trying to sell it and this is my first time selling a car - it's my first car even tho I'm in my early 30s. It will help the buying experience and help me net the most I can back into my pocket if I do fix it. That said - painting my wiper arms is one thing and so is giving the Outback my normal deep clean so it looks clean as possible (it's an 01 - the body isn't exactly perfect but the interior is great!) but I'm at the point where I'm not sure if I should do the bearings only, bearings and hub together or say f*ck it and take a hit on the price and leave it to the new owner. Part of me feels bad about that and part of me thinks the $150 or so in parts and shipping would be cheaper to do the bearings/hubs than it would be to take the hit - minus a couple hours swearing in the driveway. Plus, I think I owe it to my poor old Outback.

Am I nuts or should I cut it loose on someone else and take the hit on my selling price? Any opinions on this would be a big help. This is the first I've looked to Oppo for anything, but being a long time lurker I've got to say this is the only place I'd look for this kind of advise. Not everyone 'gets it'.