Car Shoping for a Friend.

One thing that never fails to excite me is helping a friend to buy a car. It’s almost as exciting as shoping for your own car. Except usually they don’t “weird” or “fun to drive” as they’re number one priority. Well a buddy of mine is looking right now. He currently drives a Chevy 2500 cargo van. He got it for free, but is tired of the hassle of driving a big van, and the 14mpg on a good day.

What he’s looking for is something that can comfortably carry 4-5 adults, something easy to work on/ cheap to maintain, and it has to be able to tow a small, single person camper trailer. And as always more MPGs are more better. Also he’s very welcome to the idea of a manual transmission, but currently doesn’t know how to drive one, I’ll be helping him with that soon.

My first suggestion was a VW TDI. But as we all no they still aren’t cheap if you want a good one, and he has little Creit history, so getting a loan on a 10-15 year old car will be hard. My second suggestion was a V6 Accord. I had found a nice 07 V6 Sedan with a manual trans, but the ad was taken down last night. Here’s my other suggestion it’s not the best but man is it cool. A very green 80 Electra Limited. It would sure be a nice place to sit on a cross country road trip.


It seems the most logical solution for him would be a V6 Camry, or Accord. Any FWD V6 won’t be easy to work on, but I wouldn’t want to tow anything with a non turbo 4 cylinder. Your average single person teardrop camper weights about 1100-1500lbs. Just about max capacity of your average unibody car,

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