Car Shopping

Not the fun kind, my son needs wheels to get to work, cheapest reasonable chance of being reliable vehicle we can find kind of shopping. Look at a 2002 Corolla, 96,000 miles, owner says it “uses a little oil” I have read and this seems to be a common issue with these, and if you are comfortable “adding a little oil” will still run forever. Some scuffs and scrapes, nothing major. Runs and drives fine I guess, everything seems a little loosey goosey to me, not in a falling apart way, just a soft cushy way.

Anyway, gist of my question, Edmunds lists these miles and average condition at about $1300. I am cheap, but I think, that is crazy cheap. I have shopped cheap cars for years and reasonable miles, good mechanicals seems to start at about $3 grand if you are lucky around here. That is what the guy is asking. Are the online price tools that out of line?


BTW, car is tiny by now standards. My IS300 dwarfs it, but the IS is about the same size as the current Corolla.

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