Car Shopping/A Rare Mazda.

I might be going to look at a car with my wife’s cousin. It’s his first car, he’s been driving the family 2008ish Impala, but hasn’t had a car off his own. Thankfully he wants a manual, and he found something pretty cool.

A 2004 Mazda6, and miraculously has what looks like no rust. But not only does it have a manual trans, leather seats, and some odd OEM chrome trim, but it’s also a liftback! All these weird options, and the lack of rust on a MN car lead me to believe two things. 1 this car had to be custom ordered. 2 it probably belonged to a snowbird and was garaged for the winters.


Yup what looks like a sedan is actually a hatchback. The Ford Monedo still has this body style but sadly the newer 6, and US Fusion never got it.I I’ve always thought it was a good idea to take what looks like a sedan, and just that ease of access that a liftback give you. I think more mainstream family sedans should adopt this configuration. Things to seem to be going that way. 

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