My mom is shopping for a new car and she’s enlisted my help, a responsibility I take seriously.

In that light I am now offloading the task to you, random internet friends.

She currently drives this


A loaded 2nd gen highlander, something my dad used to refer to as “a really expensive bumper car”. Now I love me mum, but she’s kinda proved his point over 150,000 miles of ownership and now the car is ready to be retired.

They bought this car as a replacement for a GMT400 k2500 suburban with a supercharged 454, so she knows her way around a big car and it will be hard to convince her that she doesn’t need one, even though all of her kids are out of the house. That being said she does have a legit need for semi-frequent cargo and people hauling so I can’t picture her signing off on anything much smaller than this.

Other requirements? I have no idea but here are some guesses.

  • Decent highway mileage (she drives a lot to places 200-300 miles away)
  • SAFE! For her and others on the road. Seriously, we all need the safest car we can for her, my grandkids and maybe yours depend on it.
  • AWD - it snows here alot and she’s all on her own. she buys winters for it.
  • dog friendly - small dog is in the car with her a lot...which is a whole other thing but suffice it to say that a supreamly nice interior would probably be a waste.
  • Intuitive infotainment (for my sake)
  • Something easy to see out of would go a long way towards the safe goal, the highlander has crap visibility.
  • SUV/Crossover - She likes and uses the space.
  • abuse tolerant - It needs to be moderately reliable at least.
  • Big engine option or turbo for high elevations would probably be good
  • Toyota/Lexus is preferred on account of potential family discounts, but is open to other options.
  • New or will substantial warranty remaining.

Thinking along the lines of an XC60, RX350,NX, etc.

So, what color should her MX5 be?

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