I love cars. So do you, but how wonderful it must be to be someone who does not.

My best work friend, Craig is nearly the same age as myself (33) and he does not care about cars. In fact he has had the same car since high school! In the same amount of time I have had at least one of 14 cars. He recently needed to lease a new car because the lease on his wife’s jeep was up. He bounced a few ideas off of me knowing that I like cars and eventually decided he and his wife would like a Subaru Outback. He decided he wanted the cheapest brand new one he could get his hands on. He went out and found one, haggled a little bit and leased one for an extremely reasonable price. I doubt he has thought about it since. The article comparing car enthusiasts to washing machine enthusiasts fits perfectly here.

I have been thinking about a 911 since the first time I drove one (about 10 years ago). The past year or so I have been seriously thinking about one, and today I went to look at one that I considered to be in my wheelhouse but not quite my dream 911. It’s a silver, non-”S” 997. Where as my dream 911 looks more like a bright or otherwise unique colored 997 with an S or even Turbo on the back if I’m really dreaming. Then I drove it...

There was no “getting to know you” period. I connected with the car instantly like one of the blue dudes in Avatar when they wrangle a pterodactyl thing. I bliped down from 5th to 4th to 3rd to 2nd before burying it exiting the highway. It was perfect. The car spoke back in the tongue of the rear mounted flat-6 and said “YEEEEEEEEEEA Dawg, get it!!!!!”


Now here I sit in that place I’d imagine you all have been in. “Do I buy? Do I not buy? What if the PPI says it’s shit? Ok then I don’t buy it, but then I don’t get it! What if the PPI says it’s awesome? Ok then I buy it, but then I have to pay for it! What if it breaks? What if it doesn’t? What if it’s the best thing I’ve ever done? What if it’s the worst? How will I feel if someone else buys it first? How long will I have to deal with the nauseating effects of the pre purchase anxiety? Could be a few days, could be a week or more. Either way I will be totally and completely distracted until a verdict is reached.

To further complicate the situation, I’m expecting my first child in 3 weeks...For most people that would make this sort of purchase a hard “nope”. However my fabulous wife, approached me before I left to go and see it this morning to make sure I wasn’t planning on coming home with it without talking to her first. I reassured her that I wouldn’t, and that I wasn’t in love with the color etc. When I returned and she asked how I felt I sadly said, “I loved it”. She then re assured me with reasons that it would probably be fine if I got it etc...

This would be a goodbye S3 hello 911 situation. M3 and Ranger stay put. I don’t know how E90M3 goes and test drives cars with no strings attached. I fall in love almost every time.


Anyway, I thought typing this out would be like therapy. It didn’t help much but I hope everyone’s having a nice Saturday!