Car shopping continues


The mazda 2 was sold before we got a chance to look at it. I wasn’t too disappointed because I parked next to one with my fiancee and she was convinced it would be too small.


So I found a fiesta 5 speed for sale. It drove great, first time I had ever been in a fiesta to be honest. I liked it, marginally bigger than the mazda 2. But my fiancee couldn’t get the clutch to the floor even with the seat all the way forward. Yes, she is tiny.

So then I came across a jetta. She liked the bigger size, the fact that this one was auto and she really liked how it drove. But the sleeze ball craigslist “dealer” did not photograph one side of the car. When we met him, it soon became obvious why. The passenger front and rear quarter panels, both doors, hood and right side of the front bumper cover had some serious damage. My fiancee didn’t mind, she argued that it gave us more ammo to drop the price. But I think we can find one in better shape without damage history.


We also took a dct focus for a quick spin. I really liked the way it drove, but with the reputation those transmissions have, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

This seems to be the top contender as of now


I am trying to find something that’s Japanese for around 5K, but most have 150K+ miles. We aren’t in a rush, so the search continues....

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