I’ve been carless for nine weeks, and it’s driving me up the god damn wall. Early on I had considered buying another cheap car to replace my fallen MK1 Focus, then I considered getting a few year old hot hatch/mild performance car. Struck that off the list too, when I realized that buying new will just save me a lot of headaches. That said!

In the end I’ve narrowed it down to the Fiesta ST and the Focus ST. I’ve driven both previously (had each for a week in 2014, thanks work!) and thoroughly enjoyed both though each had a few big flaws. The FiST’s torsion beam turned me off in NYC driving and I’m not a small guy (6'1, 215), while the FoST just had too much power on an open diff and some weird pedals. But I only lived with them for a little while.

So I figure there’s gotta be some Opponauts out there who’ve been living with these cars for a while, and I’d like to know what you guys think about the cars after owning them for a bit.

Driving habits: I don’t drive to work these days, but when I do drive it’s mostly urban/suburban mix. I do love taking longer trips to mountain roads and used to take 2-400 mile trips to see friends, so I’d like my next car to not completely beat me up on the highway.

Background: I plan to live with whatever I buy for the next 4-6 years, so it needs to be an all-rounder. Otherwise I’d probablyj ust pick up an FR-S or Ecoboost Mustang.