Car shopping for a friend

Buddy of mine recently was rear ended, not his fault and car is totaled. So he is looking for a new car


-max $15k

-Open to sedan, coupe, and wagon

- No SUVs or Trucks

-Drive type or transmission doesn’t matter (no CVT)

-Sporty and over 200hp

-Reliable, so no European. And don’t @ me, not my call

-Highly prefer under 100k miles

-He is not a fan of VQ motors but could persuade

Cars I have suggested

G8, GTO, Civic Si, TL, TSX, v6 Accord sedan or coupe, Camry v6, v6 pony cars, Lexus Sedans, Genesis coupe, FiST, and BRZ


So is there anything in missing or would you recommend one over another?

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