So we gave the NoxBox back to VW and we still don’t have a replacement. We still don’t know what we want to replace it. So we shop. I hate car shopping. I hate dealing with people, because shopping for cars isn’t shopping for cars, its negotiating with people who sell a thing you want...people who see you and the car as nothing more than commission, or in rare case, just another part of the commissionless 9-5.

They don’t see you as dropping a ton of money on something you will grow attached to, depend on, and spend a large part of your life in.

Im not saying salesman are bad people, I just don’t like dealing with people, and especially people who’s job it is to sell me something.

I’ve already had some very annoying experiences. Mostly involving one of 2 things:

Annoying salespeople who don’t know what they are talking about

Promising a car to see and then not having it. This has happened 3 times.

This is a 4runner, its got the rare 3rd row, its something we’re interested in so let me tell you about what it took to get these pictures and a very short, wet test drive.


Get a call Thursday night at home, on the john, I hang up, they call back cause it must be important...


I set up an appointment Friday to see it, I tell me wife to bring the kids to meet me, they know Im coming.

The guy isn’t there

The car isn’t there, its in “getting scratches repaired”. at the body shop.

I’m told it will be ready to show that night and to expect a call.

No call

Im call back saturday to follow up, he’s very busy and will check into it and call me back.


No call.

I call Monday, they go check, they come back and they say its here, and its ready for me to come see anytime.


I say I’ll be there in 20 minutes

20 minutes later I show up...its not ready for me to see.

They take me back to the detail shop to see it as its being cleaned.

its obvious that no body work or scratch repair has taken place, the outside is dirty and scratched up.


I tell them to throw some plastic on the seats and meet me out front, Im driving it.

They do

Its out of gas so we have to ride along to get gas

I now no longer have time to test drive it properly...

However, I did discover what sales team I hate, and that I actually don’t want a 4Runner.


25 grand for V6 114k miles, cloth seats, scratched exterior and more rust than my cruiser...or...18 grand for 70k mile, fully loaded V8, much better condition Lexus GX470. And the Lexus, while not a looker, is much better on the inside to see out of of be in.


Stupid 4runner tax is not worth paying.