Car shopping part 2 Things went well!

Went to look at that RSX Type-S with my cousin today and it did not disappoint. Very mechanical solid, very clean, and the seller just seemed like a very honest nice guy who was also a mechanic engineer. So he probably wasn’t an idiot. The car drove like brand new. We found 3, no 4 issues which for a cheap car we’re honeslty kind of nit picky. 1 a slight clunk from the rear swap, a rattley cat heat shield, and Some oil on the back of the block pointing toward a leaky valve cover. Also the power steering pump appeared to be leaking a bit. Over all the car was in awesome shape, a deal was made, and my cousin has a heckin’ sweet Honda that I’m a bit jealous of. The only pic I took was this one in the seller’s driveway with my BIL’s Golf SportWagen which is also an amazing car. Torque for days, Wagon cargo space, and 60mpg what more could you want? And yes it’s manual. Seriously if you’re shopping in the 15-20,000 range right now consider a 14-15 TDI.

The crazy thing is the car had 193,000 miles. Just goes to show a car taken care of, but driven will last longer than a car that sits. That Mazda6 we looked at least week had only 80,00 miles and was falling apart.

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