I’ve been test driving cars for the past few weeks and I’m stuck on the current gen Lexus IS. So far.

1- IS350/200t F RWD (though I haven’t tested this spec yet, none local)

2- Toyobaru, the BRZ wins on appearances.

3- 370z

4- ND Club(perhaps a test with a sub 300lb salesperson would bump it up...)



Image from Autoblog

The Lexus IS perfectly fits what I want in a nice-weather, dependable DD aside from price, ~10k more than the others. With the Lotus project waiting, I don’t feel that spurning the objectively more engaging cars will be a net loss. I’ll clearly have engaging. But that’s the other side of that sword, 10k is a lot of project funds. But unlike some of the other options, the IS will never become its own project. Well aside from a mild axleback exhaust, cosmetics and a couple bushings to prevent premature tire wear. That’d be IT....probably.

From Club Lexus user BostonIS. Wrapped the chrome grill surround and roof. I’d be interested in just wrapping the grill. Silver is boring.


Just taking advantage of the weekend slowdown to post some brain droppings.